Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lights, Ice Sculptures, Ottawa Sen's Jason Spezza...And Other Things That Warm Up The Heart During Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but having a warm BeaverTail in winter is so delightful…. if there’s no place to go (smile on your face and altogether now!) – let it snow, let it snow…let it snow – and eat all the BeaverTails you can!

I can already hear the moaning and groaning coming from the other side of this monitor dear BeaverTails addicts. “Why! Oh why must we endure -250 degrees weather and be bothered with slippery roads, igloos on the front steps, looking out the window in despair while fogging up our own view, and digging our heals at least two times a day on that same patch of ice on our way from and to work! Snow, snow everywhere, snow in your boots, in your hair, in your socks, icing your eyelids shut! Argh!” The same refrain over and over again, huffing and puffing (which, funny enough, keeps you warm!) all the way to spring…

Thankfully, there are events and individuals who make it a point to cheer you up during this festive (and yes, cold) time of year who can’t wait for the first snowfalls to arrive.

Take the National Capital Commission for example, who took it upon themselves to illuminate our Nation’s Capital with 300,000 Christmas lights (echoed in various cities across the country), for the Christmas Lights Across Canada event which was kicked off on December 4th at Parliament Hill. BeaverTails were served on the spot that evening keeping all the bright eyed people warm and happy. Be sure to catch the lights before they’re switched off on January 7th in the New Year!

In Belleville, Ontario, the Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre organisers will be hosting the first annual Ice fest on January 3rd 2009, complete with snowman building, ice sculpting competitions, dog sledding, ice skating and lots of BeaverTails and maple syrup on snow for everyone who can adorn gloves and a warm hat! A great way to kick off the New Year with family and friends!

I will leave you with a tube of Ottawa Senator’s centre man Jason Spezza boasting about his adopted city and remembering his fist times on the Rideau Canal skate way with his family as he enjoys a few BeaverTails on a brisk winter day in windy Ottawa.

Regretting nothing,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Addictive Slideshow

Hey there BeaverTail addicts! Check out the Animoto slideshow created in honour of you!! Enjoy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Let It Snow? Yes, please! (but at an appropriate time and place, like after Halloween!)

Yes, I know, winter isn’t scheduled to make its cold and startling appearance until later in December; however, what with the brisk and windy weather we’ve been experiencing as of late (dare I mention the nightmare I had of snowflakes falling from the sky just before I even had the time to put on my plastic Batman mask for Halloween? – that was just a nightmare right?), I couldn’t help but get excited for the upcoming Winterlude festivities and the Rideau Canal skate way to freeze up in the Ottawa region, and when one says Winterlude and Rideau Canal in the same sentence, BeaverTails are sure to follow! Yay!

Isn’t there anything better than lacing up your skates on the Rideau Canal on a fresh and sunny winter’s day while getting warmed up by a piping hot BeaverTail and a steaming hot chocolate as your nose is just about to fall off from frostbite? Yeah, ok, perhaps eating the addictive treat indoors as you watch other helpless skaters fall on their behinds is a little more comfortable (and funny!) but just look at how much fun Lady With Glasses had with her friends last year as they attempted to skate the entire 7.8 km stretch of the Rideau Canal skate way (and back! – that’s 15.6 km in total folks!) on an evidently beautiful sunny winter’s day as they stopped, every chance they got, at the BeaverTails huts peppered along their trek. The trip could be resumed as follows; skated, got cold, BeaverTails stop, back on the ice after break, got cold again, stopped for some more BeaverTails, skated some more, got to the end of the line to find out that there are no BeaverTails huts (gasp!) and so had to skate back as soon as possible to find more BeaverTails!

Enjoy the tubes fellow addicts,

Regretting nothing,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah! - The BeaverTails Facebook Application!

So there you are, late at night, surfing the web and a hunger pang strikes at you screeching; “GIVE ME SOMETHING FRIED AND SWEET OR SWEETLY FRIED!” Don’t fret, even though your favourite BeaverTails store might be closed or miles away from where you live, you’re just one click away from getting your favourite addictive treat (a whole bunch of them actually!) and even have some to spare for your friends.

Steps to a BeaverTail salvation;

1. Breath (for composure)
2. Click on this link
3. Log on to your Facebook profile
4. Freely and obsessively collect your favourite BeaverTails and paste them on your profile and pass them out to your friends!

Remember, try not to eat your computer screen as tantalising as the Tails might look!

Regretting nothing,

Friday, August 29, 2008

And What’s Your Favourite Canadian Thing?

From coast to coast, and from one glacier frontier to the sunny prairie fields, there lies your personal references as your official, and unofficial, Canadian national symbols, ranging from the edible, mineral, musical and sometimes even to the down right questionable (Do we really like curling that much?). The word Canadian, as a descriptive word, often strikes flash flooding images of polar bears, loons and Queen Elizabeth (and not in that particular order) on coins, generic maple leafs and hockey sticks slicing the ice. Fair enough. Those things are Canadian after all…

However, even though these images are anchored in that part of our psyche that catalogues stereotypes like one would find mementos at a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls, those images, those typically Canadian, have evolved throughout the years in our global context and have, for the most part, miraculously remained faithful to its origins and yet, created a whole new slew of items and images related to Canada that most of you have come to love and now brag so proudly about.

BeaverTails are part of that list of favourite Canadian things, and just happens to be listed high as the 25th most favourite Canadian thing out of 100 according to the readers of Canadian Homemakers.com, preceded by maple syrup, of course, which ranks at number 12 and poutine (oh you decadent Canadians!) at number 13. The beaver, the animal that is, slaps his happy tail at number 30 whereas Canadian geese are flying high at a respectable 49. In terms of Canadian icons we find the late Mr. Dressup at number 66 followed by former Prime Minister Trudeau at 67.

In sum, even though they are notoriously humble about it, the list expresses the great love that Canadians, and those who love all things Canadian, have for decadent and addictive foods! The secret is out! We now know you like sweet stuff more than politics or children’s television entertainers!

Check the list out here and you can let me know if you think you favourite Canadian thing is fairly listed!

Regretting nothing,

Justin-Barry Mahoney

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relaxed Addicts…

Summer has this way of getting us to walk slower causing serious pedestrian traffic jams on even the most dismal rural villages, to admire our sceneries with deep inhaled and exhaled awes of wonder (like at the cliché of a beautiful monarch butterfly landing on a distracted baby’s nose as the puppy next to the infant attempts to steal her ice-cream cone in a public park), and to take serious things very, very, lightly, no matter how hard pressing they may be - “Was the kettle on when I left the house this morning? Oh…, well… *yawn* I’ve wanted to remodel the kitchen for years now anyways…I’ll get around it to it later…eventually…after this sunbath…maybe…” – The sunny season also has a way of making us feel carefree (something about the light breeze gently caressing our cheeks and sun beams squinting our eyes) and as though nothing in the world could stand in the way of our lazy fun or our indulgences. It is probably the only time of year where you can spot individuals wilfully, slowly to the beat of a setting sun on a warm lakeshore, fall into a very calm form of “wild nonchalance”; peeling off in turn the multiple layers of filters and barriers that block must of us from experiencing our personal joys (the ones we tuck away from others during winter hibernation time). In sum, we’re relaxed, just want to have fun and ready for anything to make that fun happen. Just don’t be too quick about it please; summer is so short after all. Let’s make it last!

In celebration of everything carefree and “summerised”, take a look at Generasianx’s clip of Hei eating a Tail. The backdrop of the cool looking lake and brisk breeze in her hair is enough to make you go “Awwwwe…whish I was there…” Cue sad little pouty face. The Tail she is devouring, so casually, so relaxingly, is enough to make you say “Awwwe!! I WANT ONE NOW!!”. Cue bug-eyed happy grin face.

Hei is probably the most relaxed addicted BT fan ever to be caught on tape.

So dear BT fans, how are you keeping cool, calm and collectively nonchalant during these warm sunny days? Are you indulging yourself? Are you allowing yourself to? Leave a comment on this page or write to me here with your BT summer stories or clips!

Regretting nothing,

Monday, June 16, 2008

BeaverTails – Forever Mine, Forever Thine!

So, what do you do when you live in New-York City and missing your favorite treat so much that you can’t wait until your next trip “up North” to get a BeaverTail? Well, quite simply, you bronze your favorite Tail and display it at a Toronto art exhibit for all to see!

Terence Koh, a renowned Canadian-Chinese sculptor and artist based in New-York City, also know as Asian Punk Bunny, was feeling so nostalgic about the famous Tail that he had one casted in bronze and covered in white patina (a cool shiny surface). The whole procedure had the artist place a frozen BeaverTail in sand, removing it, pouring molted metal in the recess of the sand where the Tail was, doing the same process for the other side of the Tail and finally welding both bronze pieces together and glazing it over with white finish. The final product eerily resembles the craters of the moon! - Cute and quite humorous as most of Koh’s creations.

Koh made over ten of these bronzed BeaverTails and displayed them earlier this month at Art Metropole in Toronto and in the city of Basel located in Switzerland as part of the A BEAVERTAIL exhibit; a picture documented art instillation which had the bronze Tail displayed alongside a series of layered cakes in a ritualistic looking fashion set on a long buffet table. Koh chose the famed BeaverTail as a metaphor for Canadian national identity.

Thankfully, summer is here and many BT and QdC stores in Canada have reopened their doors for the season which means I can have a Tail anytime I want and not having to bronze one out of nostalgia!

Regretting nothing,

Justin-Barry Mahoney

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dream Tail Contest!!!

Do you toss and turn at night wondering why marshmallows are not a regular topping on your favourite BeaverTails pastry? Do you secretly add pineapple pieces to your classic cinnamon and sugar Tails? Perhaps you would like to have more chocolate on your banana and chocolate Tail? More sugar? More layers? More of every imaginable decadent thing in this world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would like to know what your dream BeaverTails pastry is.Submit a picture, a video, a drawing or your best sketch on a napkin or your art installations (the more creative the better!) of your dream BeaverTails pastry on the Official BeaverTails Facebook Fan page or at justin@beavertailsinc.com and you can win one of the official BT shoulder bags, get free Tails or the official BT baseball hat! Oh, maybe a sugar shack breakfast Tail complete with eggs and bacon covered in maple syrup! Ok, you get the drift…The winners of the Dream Tail Contest will be announced in next month. Good luck sugar-rushing fans!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lynn Rudolph's Class

Here are some thank you cards from Lynn Rudolph's East Hampton's Middle School 5th grade class who learned about Canadian history and their new favourite Canadian treat - BeaverTails pastries! Thank you guys for your kind words and your pictures! Enjoy your treats!

Regretting nothing


Friday, March 28, 2008

What’s In a Name?

BeaverTails pastries, Tails, Indian bread, bannock, une Queues de Castor, a Canadian doughnut, a sugar maple pizza, a National identity, an Ottawa treasure, Kökle, little cake; Have you found another name for it? Can anybody really pinpoint the accurate historical name of the decadent treat that has become my (Canadian!? It’s Canadian right?...right!) obsession that has me sugar-rushing since 1983, that is the BeaverTails pastry?

According to your threads, dear BeaverTails fans, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding your favorite fine indulgence. On one of calorie-count.com’s forums, the BeaverTails pastry is described as a bannock (picture below) in the Canadian West Coast, confused as a real beaver’s tail (poor things; and yes they are edible and apparently very good for you), a bear claw doughnut or the American equivalent of “mini-doughnuts”. For many of you American BeaverTails fans, the last time you had your favorite treat was when the Canadian Pavilion at Walt Disney’s Epcot Centre was still handing them out, which was some time ago, and have stapled the Canadian soul to your premiere pastry every time you heard of something vaguely resembling its description in any context, hence, fueling the current confusion. All of you can agree however that you don’t care about the amount of calories you must burn before you rid yourself from the guilty pleasure of eating a BeaverTails pastry since they are quite simply, as Joelle Rousseau points out on calorie-count.com’s forum, “The best ever! - It’s hard not to have one.”

In his book, “Canadian Food Words” Bill Casselman describes Ottawa’s Beavertails (which is the product you are most likely familiar with, yes the real one you always eat at Winterlude or at The ByWard Market in Ottawa) as; “The culinary hit of every winter carnival in Canada's capital city. Adapted form an old family recipe based on a German dish called Küchl or Kökle ‘little cake.” The name BeaverTails was most likely used to refer to its shape at the time based on the fact that the sweet whole wheat dough had to be stretched into a beaver’s tail like shape. The name was also most likely inspired from the pages of Egerton R. Young’s 1894 missionary book “Stories From Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires” in which the author describes his Native American hosts roasting raw dough on a stick over a campfire, like you would marshmallows, into something his traveling group called a “beaver’s tail.”

For Shuny, a foreign exchange student in Ottawa, the pastry is coined simply as a “Canadian Specialty”. Her first trip to the ByWard Market BeaverTails store with her friends was quite the memorable experience, like for many of us. She insists however that we call her favorite treat by its proper French-Canadian name, using a proper Quebecois accent no less; Queues de Castor.

But in the end, most of you understandably care more about how this addictive treat will land in your mouth more than how it was once named or made. Whether you are waiting in line in the Old Port of Montreal for a Queues de Castor or catching a quick sugar-rushing bite of a BeaverTails pastry between runs on Mount-Washington in British Columbia, you know you will be getting the same great taste wherever you find a BeaverTails store!

Speaking of skiing, catch the new and exciting Queues de Castor mobile trailer at Ski Bromont this weekend! It has these cute pictures of people engulfing unapologetically your favorite treat, just like you would, wrapped around it.

Regretting nothing,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Snow Please!!

Have you recently woken up with the overwhelming feeling that the snow falls will never cease its incessant wrath on our glorious land? Do you often slip walking to work or school on a slick black patch of ice cleverly hidden under a powdered blanket of snow while still holding on, out of countenance, to the umbrella that is shielding you from the pellets of hail/ice rain/golf sized snow balls/stinging water pellets? Do you cringe every time someone says “I had such a wonderful time this weekend on the hills/ice/slopes!”? If you have stopped watching the Weather Network or tuned out radio forecasts that announce that we are expecting nothing more than SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! (“Another chilly and snowy night is upon us folks! Don’t put your snow shovels away just yet! Heh heh heh!”, chuckles the weatherman under his frosty breath and through his clamped teeth) and are seriously considering running away to a nice and snow-less tropical climate; then it is time to change your attitude and to brace the positive facts that you whisked aside last autumn the moment you saw the first snowfall! Now, put your oversized gloves on and your funny woolly hat that you keep pretending you don’t own and repeat after me, loudly, proudly and standing in three feet of snow;

Yes! There is still more wonderful snow falls coming our way!

Golly do I love dodging snowballs thrown by random street children!

Oh boy! Winter is not yet over and has yet to say its last chilling word!

My God! Even though my eyelids are frozen shut, I can still see just how pretty those ice sculptures really are!

Ha ha ha! I slipped on that ice patch…AGAIN! Ha ha ha!

Sure I’ll help you push your car out of that frighteningly tall snow bank Mister Jenkins!

Shoveling snow from my driveway makes me a better person!

To make these Canadian cold days and nights feel a little warmer, our most ardent fans, from coast to coast, have harmonized their love of winter with their addictions to BeaverTails pastries by attending a variety of wintry festivals and events that feature their favorite treats! Waiting in line in the brisk chilling weather for a warm BeaverTails pastry and a hot chocolate as you jump up and down trying to keep warm and rub your cupped hands to the warmness of your breath has never been more entertaining since the day you discovered you could put a carrot on a snowman’s round face.

Pearl Pirie, for example, an Ottawa based poet, shows us on her blog pictures of just how long a queue can get at the BeaverTails store in the ByWard Market in Ottawa even during the cold afternoons of one of the windiest cities in the world. Everyone looks so patient, decidedly focused and so happy (especially those eating their treats at the beginning of the line)!

A few weeks ago During the Carnival festivities in Quebec City, people were flocking to Robert Thériault’s Queues de Castor mobile truck for some hot chocolate and pastries and enjoyed their time with the famed Bonhomme and admired the fireworks reflecting off the ice sculptures!
In Montreal, La Nuit Blanche, the all night outdoor and indoor festival that was held last weekend, had hundreds of BeaverTails fans lining up at the Queues de Castor store in the Old Port as they gravitated from one nightly cultural activity to another. On her blog, Genesis (2 years old) and her mommy Jody, attendees of this Montreal event, simply described the BeaverTails treat as “THE BEST!!!”

In Vancouver, the BeaverTails store on Mount-Washington in the Alpine Lodge Courtyard will be hosting its 2nd annual Tail eating contest on Friday, March 21st 2008, an official event included in Mount-Washington's Sno Jam Spring Break. At the moment, there are over 100 participants signed up for the event! Can you beat last year’s record of four and half BeaverTails pastries gorged in less than two minutes?

Feel free to send me pictures and videos of your BT inspired winter events or become an official fan by posting them on the BeaverTails Canada Inc – Queues de Castor Fan page on Facebook!
Until then,

Enjoy the snow.

Warm yourself trough your indulgence.

Put a carrot on a snowman today!

Regretting nothing,

Friday, February 15, 2008

No One Is Watching You...I Swear!

I stumbled upon on this great video on You Tube of a young boy named K. from the Griffith Family completely enthralled in his chocolate hazelnut BeaverTails pastry and engulfing it at the fastest rate his little mouth can manage. If you squint your eyes a little he looks like the Walt Disney character Stitch eating everything in his site. K.’s eyes can’t get any wider as he stares hungrily at his treat. It looks like nothing in the world could ever bother him or could stand in his way of him enjoying his special day. The clip is very cute and a reminder to all those who feel that BeaverTails pastries are too messy to eat that being covered in them is half the fun of savouring them! Just lick your fingers afterwards if you are worried of ruining your new white pants or getting your mobile phone all sticky!

Go on! Put some chocolate or sugar on your face like no one is watching you or judging your every move.

You can view the video on You Tube right

Why does one feel the need to hide their food cravings from the shocked and glaring suspicious eyes of the mundane world – unless you are like little K. of course? Why do we feel compelled, mostly grownups, not to order a food product that we could genuinely state as being the source of our addictions, the gastronomic ones at least?

It would indeed be interesting to see the world without their culinary pretensions as I mentioned in my last entry. Tensions on many levels would be surely released and perhaps (yes, perhaps!), just as an example, car drivers would spend less time on their cell phones honking and yelling at strangers and spend more time licking their ice cream cones, crunching into their chocolates or simply not caring (a contagious smile is in order!) from the fact that their BeaverTails pastry just slipped onto their lap!

This is the last official weekend in our Nation’s Capital for Winterlude! This will be your last chance this year to partake in these exciting winter festivities, to strap your skates or big woolly winter boots and to trot along or glide on the Rideau Canal and, of course, join the legions of addicted fans eagerly waiting to receive their warm BeaverTails pastries and hot chocolates!

Enjoy the brisk air this weekend if you happen to be in Ottawa (and the sugar crumbs on your face. Go on, I dare you, put some on your face on purpose this time!)

Regretting nothing,

PS. Check out the BeaverTails Canada Inc – Queues de Castor fan page on
Facebook and become a fan today!

Monday, January 28, 2008

More Toppings Please!

When we were younger, my cousins and I used to bake the oddest concoctions using the Easy Bake Oven set. The set came with these mini pans that resembled metallic Petri dishes, instant cupcake mixes (Just add water! - the package exclaimed), generic cake toppings and a little pink stove that would use the heat from a 100 watts light bulb from your mom’s favorite lamp to bake your goodies. All you had to do was drop in your cupcake mix in a pan, mix it with some water and pop it in the “oven”. Once the sweet smell of cake filled the room it was time to lay on the toppings (chocolate spread, sprinkles), and very thickly thank you very much! We never did really read the proper Easy Bake Oven’s instructions, and since we were always so eager to see and to eat the finished product, even if it was just a pile of blobby chocolate sitting in a small crusty pan that hadn’t been cleaned from its previous use, we never did find out just how long you were supposed to leave it in with the hot light bulb to have that “perfect soufflé” effect! Our noses were powdered by the cupcake mix, my dog was always running away with our dirty pans, chocolate sprinkles peppered the playroom or were lodged in the living room carpet and mom always dreaded the next time that light bulb oven would come out from the closet again. As I look back at it now, my cousins and I didn’t have a qualm about the types of toppings that we were putting on our treats (we even invented our own!) or how the finished product looked or tasted like (the sugar rush alone was worth it!).

My brother and I, much to my cousins' degust and much to our taste buds' delight, would play the “boy version” of the Easy Bake Oven game which consisted of eating practically anything, at a reasonable heart burn limit, that could fit on a piece of toast. Whether we melted jelly beans in the microwave and had them smeared (that glass plate was impossible to clean afterwards!), threw slices of processed cheese with blueberry jam on the top or mixed sweetened Heinz ketchup with pieces of raisins to be served on cinnamon and raisin toast, we always giggled at our silliness but never frowned at either one’s topping suggestions or creations.

In a world filled with the overwhelmingly sneering decisions to make between bars of chocolate from the Ivory Coast and truffles from Austria, or on the proper serving/cooking etiquette of Hollandaise sauce or the right amount of cinnamon one should find on their cappuccino, I like to reminisce about the fun and uncontrived way our little Easy Bake Oven and toasty treats made my cousins, my brother and I feel – happy, gratified and completely open-minded.

Do you remember the last time you truly felt that way? Not limiting your craving that is.

Is a person only truly free from their societal obligations (from that stuffy dinner table that is) until one feels that spreading peanut butter directly on a barely peeled banana as something completely normal and creative? Perhaps watching someone else’s total shock and dismay as you ask your waiter to grind your pumpkin pie into your chocolate pudding is half the fun that many of us would like to experiment.

What are/were your secret sweet tooth recipes/cravings? Would you dare to share them with me?

Look out later this winter for the launch of the Coco Vanille’ Tail at your local BeaverTails pastry store. This dark chocolate and vanilla icing combination is the perfect indulgence (if not the best nostalgic one for those who played the same baking games I did) for the sugar hunter out there. Let me know what you think of it?

Regretting nothing,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Snow Falls

The taste of the sugar left on my lips from that bite I took from my Mother’s BeaverTails pastry. The red cheek bones I developed from the brisk cool windy air. The sounds of skates slicing the ice I skated (waddled?) on. My runny nose. That beige one piece snowsuit that would make any three year old want to pee as soon as they wore it. The impressive and looming look the Ottawa Capital’s Parliament Building held over the skaters on the Rideau Canal on a cloudy and snowy day. My nose is still runny;

“Could I have another tissue mom?*sniff*”

“Dad, wait! I want to see the alien ice sculpture again!”

My surprisingly strong and large German Sheppard Cleo pulling my little brother, me and our family’s belongings on the little red wooden sleigh scaring all the festival goers as we slide by!

“Mom can I have another hot chocolate and a beaver tail please…please…”

Sliding down the “oh so scary ice slides” holding on the bubbled tubes for dear life! The sun that day bounces radiantly on the crisp blankets of snow in all the local parks. My dad wiping my face from all the sugar and the ring of chocolate around my lips left from my third (and “FINAL!”, because mom feels I am being too jumpy at this time) hot chocolate and pastry combo. Peeling off my snowsuit …crawling into bed still wearing my itchy hat (just because I want to remember this day when I wake up the next morning). My belly filled with sweets. My mom kisses me good night. My dad kisses me good night and wipes the remaining sugar pellets from the corner of my mouth.

I drift away looking forward to next year’s Ottawa Winterlude Festival.

And the one after that!

Every year, just as the New Year creeps around the corner and the first snowfalls have settled in, these are the thoughts, smells and sentiments that run through my head and get me so excited about the upcoming Winterlude Festival. The festival is mostly celebrated on the then frozen seven kilometer Rideau Canal all the way to Dow’s Lake in the Canadian capital where thousand of festival goers and a lot of skaters converge. It also happens to be one of BeaverTails staples and crowning momentous glories. Hence, the company I work for has deep nostalgic roots within the Ottawa boomer X, Y and Nintendo generations. And guess what, of course, I humbly succumb to them every year…

No matter at what age I attended Winterlude I always enjoyed it. Either I was being pushed around in my red sleigh by my dog or surrounded by my college friends sharing (or not) a nice warm beaver tail freezing in our designer jeans, walking arm in arm with my mom to view the beautiful ice sculptor competition at Confederation Park or dancing to the house beats of Much Music’s now defunct Electric Circus show, lining up in front of the BeaverTails booth to talk to my high school friends working at the counters at the time or introducing new friends from out of town to the pastry staple of the festival, continuously falling on the ice as I attempt to skate (yes, I still can’t) or crawling into bed looking for warmth after spending a whole late afternoon and night gorging on BeaverTails pastries and gulping hot chocolate (this was last year), I always had great fun!

Thank you Cleo for pulling me around on that sleigh! It must have been heavy with the whole family’s skates and picnic basket in the back.

Thanks mom for getting me all those treats.

Thanks dad for keeping my face clean.

*yawn* *stretch*

Good night!

I can’t wait for Winterlude 2008!!!

Regretting nothing,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Because I Am!

As I sat at a dining table surrounded by my friends during our regular Saturday game night, I looked at all the treats that were available to us; bacon pizza (four large boxes), various types of juices and sodas for the various types of vodkas, fried corn and potato chips and, of course, my personal favorite, a box of dark chocolates (which I horded mercilessly that night). There was hardly any room on the table for the dice or for the “proper dinning etiquette” for that matter. All eight of us devoured the treats at such a rapid rate that it would have shocked any nutritionist, and guess what, we loved every moment of it and never mentioned the word “gym”, “oh so fattening” or “regret” during our mouthful conversations!

I walked home that night with a large smile on my face and a few crumbs left in my left eyebrow. I giggled at myself as I brushed them away, and guess what, I never allowed for that nasty guilty feeling of gluttony to over take me.

Earlier last year, I was overwhelmed by a world of fad diets, vague and sometimes incomprehensible nutritional information and trans-free products (Oreo Cookies just don’t taste the same people!) so I stomped my foot down (yes, I was in a supermarket grocery store aisle that day) and shouted out YES!

YES, I will enjoy what ever food I find delicious that day.
YES, I will ignore vague nutritional information from those who can’t explain it in the first place.
YES, eating various types of chocolate concoctions ESPECIALLY during the Holidays is not something to dread.
YES, I will answer in the affirmative that my plate is filled with sweets at a buffet to that person who sneers at me as they nibble on their “oh so boring” carrot stick.
YES, I will be unapologetically addictive to foods that I thoroughly enjoy.

So YES, so there…There it is. My statement. The statement that allows me to enjoy all my culinary experiences and to be part of the BeaverTails head office team in Montreal! (Yes, those wonderful makers of the pastry in the form of a beaver’s tail smeared with any imaginable topping.) My co-workers and I share the same philosophy about food, especially sweet ones, and we love to come up with creative new BeaverTails pastry flavours for the most ardent and addictive BeaverTails fans out there. If you are a fan and you are finding it difficult to come out of the closet as an addict of BeaverTails pastry and/or treats of all kinds, here are some simple steps to help you step out of nutrition’s heavy dark shadow;

1. Enjoy what you eat and have! Remember that guilt is self-imposed!
2. You look great when you’re happy!
3. Your epitaph will (hopefully!) not list your eating/spending habits for all to see!

Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry! I look forward to reading your comments and hellos!

Regretting nothing,