Friday, February 15, 2008

No One Is Watching You...I Swear!

I stumbled upon on this great video on You Tube of a young boy named K. from the Griffith Family completely enthralled in his chocolate hazelnut BeaverTails pastry and engulfing it at the fastest rate his little mouth can manage. If you squint your eyes a little he looks like the Walt Disney character Stitch eating everything in his site. K.’s eyes can’t get any wider as he stares hungrily at his treat. It looks like nothing in the world could ever bother him or could stand in his way of him enjoying his special day. The clip is very cute and a reminder to all those who feel that BeaverTails pastries are too messy to eat that being covered in them is half the fun of savouring them! Just lick your fingers afterwards if you are worried of ruining your new white pants or getting your mobile phone all sticky!

Go on! Put some chocolate or sugar on your face like no one is watching you or judging your every move.

You can view the video on You Tube right

Why does one feel the need to hide their food cravings from the shocked and glaring suspicious eyes of the mundane world – unless you are like little K. of course? Why do we feel compelled, mostly grownups, not to order a food product that we could genuinely state as being the source of our addictions, the gastronomic ones at least?

It would indeed be interesting to see the world without their culinary pretensions as I mentioned in my last entry. Tensions on many levels would be surely released and perhaps (yes, perhaps!), just as an example, car drivers would spend less time on their cell phones honking and yelling at strangers and spend more time licking their ice cream cones, crunching into their chocolates or simply not caring (a contagious smile is in order!) from the fact that their BeaverTails pastry just slipped onto their lap!

This is the last official weekend in our Nation’s Capital for Winterlude! This will be your last chance this year to partake in these exciting winter festivities, to strap your skates or big woolly winter boots and to trot along or glide on the Rideau Canal and, of course, join the legions of addicted fans eagerly waiting to receive their warm BeaverTails pastries and hot chocolates!

Enjoy the brisk air this weekend if you happen to be in Ottawa (and the sugar crumbs on your face. Go on, I dare you, put some on your face on purpose this time!)

Regretting nothing,

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