Monday, June 16, 2008

BeaverTails – Forever Mine, Forever Thine!

So, what do you do when you live in New-York City and missing your favorite treat so much that you can’t wait until your next trip “up North” to get a BeaverTail? Well, quite simply, you bronze your favorite Tail and display it at a Toronto art exhibit for all to see!

Terence Koh, a renowned Canadian-Chinese sculptor and artist based in New-York City, also know as Asian Punk Bunny, was feeling so nostalgic about the famous Tail that he had one casted in bronze and covered in white patina (a cool shiny surface). The whole procedure had the artist place a frozen BeaverTail in sand, removing it, pouring molted metal in the recess of the sand where the Tail was, doing the same process for the other side of the Tail and finally welding both bronze pieces together and glazing it over with white finish. The final product eerily resembles the craters of the moon! - Cute and quite humorous as most of Koh’s creations.

Koh made over ten of these bronzed BeaverTails and displayed them earlier this month at Art Metropole in Toronto and in the city of Basel located in Switzerland as part of the A BEAVERTAIL exhibit; a picture documented art instillation which had the bronze Tail displayed alongside a series of layered cakes in a ritualistic looking fashion set on a long buffet table. Koh chose the famed BeaverTail as a metaphor for Canadian national identity.

Thankfully, summer is here and many BT and QdC stores in Canada have reopened their doors for the season which means I can have a Tail anytime I want and not having to bronze one out of nostalgia!

Regretting nothing,

Justin-Barry Mahoney