Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relaxed Addicts…

Summer has this way of getting us to walk slower causing serious pedestrian traffic jams on even the most dismal rural villages, to admire our sceneries with deep inhaled and exhaled awes of wonder (like at the cliché of a beautiful monarch butterfly landing on a distracted baby’s nose as the puppy next to the infant attempts to steal her ice-cream cone in a public park), and to take serious things very, very, lightly, no matter how hard pressing they may be - “Was the kettle on when I left the house this morning? Oh…, well… *yawn* I’ve wanted to remodel the kitchen for years now anyways…I’ll get around it to it later…eventually…after this sunbath…maybe…” – The sunny season also has a way of making us feel carefree (something about the light breeze gently caressing our cheeks and sun beams squinting our eyes) and as though nothing in the world could stand in the way of our lazy fun or our indulgences. It is probably the only time of year where you can spot individuals wilfully, slowly to the beat of a setting sun on a warm lakeshore, fall into a very calm form of “wild nonchalance”; peeling off in turn the multiple layers of filters and barriers that block must of us from experiencing our personal joys (the ones we tuck away from others during winter hibernation time). In sum, we’re relaxed, just want to have fun and ready for anything to make that fun happen. Just don’t be too quick about it please; summer is so short after all. Let’s make it last!

In celebration of everything carefree and “summerised”, take a look at Generasianx’s clip of Hei eating a Tail. The backdrop of the cool looking lake and brisk breeze in her hair is enough to make you go “Awwwwe…whish I was there…” Cue sad little pouty face. The Tail she is devouring, so casually, so relaxingly, is enough to make you say “Awwwe!! I WANT ONE NOW!!”. Cue bug-eyed happy grin face.

Hei is probably the most relaxed addicted BT fan ever to be caught on tape.

So dear BT fans, how are you keeping cool, calm and collectively nonchalant during these warm sunny days? Are you indulging yourself? Are you allowing yourself to? Leave a comment on this page or write to me here with your BT summer stories or clips!

Regretting nothing,