Friday, August 29, 2008

And What’s Your Favourite Canadian Thing?

From coast to coast, and from one glacier frontier to the sunny prairie fields, there lies your personal references as your official, and unofficial, Canadian national symbols, ranging from the edible, mineral, musical and sometimes even to the down right questionable (Do we really like curling that much?). The word Canadian, as a descriptive word, often strikes flash flooding images of polar bears, loons and Queen Elizabeth (and not in that particular order) on coins, generic maple leafs and hockey sticks slicing the ice. Fair enough. Those things are Canadian after all…

However, even though these images are anchored in that part of our psyche that catalogues stereotypes like one would find mementos at a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls, those images, those typically Canadian, have evolved throughout the years in our global context and have, for the most part, miraculously remained faithful to its origins and yet, created a whole new slew of items and images related to Canada that most of you have come to love and now brag so proudly about.

BeaverTails are part of that list of favourite Canadian things, and just happens to be listed high as the 25th most favourite Canadian thing out of 100 according to the readers of Canadian, preceded by maple syrup, of course, which ranks at number 12 and poutine (oh you decadent Canadians!) at number 13. The beaver, the animal that is, slaps his happy tail at number 30 whereas Canadian geese are flying high at a respectable 49. In terms of Canadian icons we find the late Mr. Dressup at number 66 followed by former Prime Minister Trudeau at 67.

In sum, even though they are notoriously humble about it, the list expresses the great love that Canadians, and those who love all things Canadian, have for decadent and addictive foods! The secret is out! We now know you like sweet stuff more than politics or children’s television entertainers!

Check the list out here and you can let me know if you think you favourite Canadian thing is fairly listed!

Regretting nothing,

Justin-Barry Mahoney