Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah! - The BeaverTails Facebook Application!

So there you are, late at night, surfing the web and a hunger pang strikes at you screeching; “GIVE ME SOMETHING FRIED AND SWEET OR SWEETLY FRIED!” Don’t fret, even though your favourite BeaverTails store might be closed or miles away from where you live, you’re just one click away from getting your favourite addictive treat (a whole bunch of them actually!) and even have some to spare for your friends.

Steps to a BeaverTail salvation;

1. Breath (for composure)
2. Click on this link
3. Log on to your Facebook profile
4. Freely and obsessively collect your favourite BeaverTails and paste them on your profile and pass them out to your friends!

Remember, try not to eat your computer screen as tantalising as the Tails might look!

Regretting nothing,