Friday, October 31, 2008

Let It Snow? Yes, please! (but at an appropriate time and place, like after Halloween!)

Yes, I know, winter isn’t scheduled to make its cold and startling appearance until later in December; however, what with the brisk and windy weather we’ve been experiencing as of late (dare I mention the nightmare I had of snowflakes falling from the sky just before I even had the time to put on my plastic Batman mask for Halloween? – that was just a nightmare right?), I couldn’t help but get excited for the upcoming Winterlude festivities and the Rideau Canal skate way to freeze up in the Ottawa region, and when one says Winterlude and Rideau Canal in the same sentence, BeaverTails are sure to follow! Yay!

Isn’t there anything better than lacing up your skates on the Rideau Canal on a fresh and sunny winter’s day while getting warmed up by a piping hot BeaverTail and a steaming hot chocolate as your nose is just about to fall off from frostbite? Yeah, ok, perhaps eating the addictive treat indoors as you watch other helpless skaters fall on their behinds is a little more comfortable (and funny!) but just look at how much fun Lady With Glasses had with her friends last year as they attempted to skate the entire 7.8 km stretch of the Rideau Canal skate way (and back! – that’s 15.6 km in total folks!) on an evidently beautiful sunny winter’s day as they stopped, every chance they got, at the BeaverTails huts peppered along their trek. The trip could be resumed as follows; skated, got cold, BeaverTails stop, back on the ice after break, got cold again, stopped for some more BeaverTails, skated some more, got to the end of the line to find out that there are no BeaverTails huts (gasp!) and so had to skate back as soon as possible to find more BeaverTails!

Enjoy the tubes fellow addicts,

Regretting nothing,