Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lights, Ice Sculptures, Ottawa Sen's Jason Spezza...And Other Things That Warm Up The Heart During Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but having a warm BeaverTail in winter is so delightful…. if there’s no place to go (smile on your face and altogether now!) – let it snow, let it snow…let it snow – and eat all the BeaverTails you can!

I can already hear the moaning and groaning coming from the other side of this monitor dear BeaverTails addicts. “Why! Oh why must we endure -250 degrees weather and be bothered with slippery roads, igloos on the front steps, looking out the window in despair while fogging up our own view, and digging our heals at least two times a day on that same patch of ice on our way from and to work! Snow, snow everywhere, snow in your boots, in your hair, in your socks, icing your eyelids shut! Argh!” The same refrain over and over again, huffing and puffing (which, funny enough, keeps you warm!) all the way to spring…

Thankfully, there are events and individuals who make it a point to cheer you up during this festive (and yes, cold) time of year who can’t wait for the first snowfalls to arrive.

Take the National Capital Commission for example, who took it upon themselves to illuminate our Nation’s Capital with 300,000 Christmas lights (echoed in various cities across the country), for the Christmas Lights Across Canada event which was kicked off on December 4th at Parliament Hill. BeaverTails were served on the spot that evening keeping all the bright eyed people warm and happy. Be sure to catch the lights before they’re switched off on January 7th in the New Year!

In Belleville, Ontario, the Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre organisers will be hosting the first annual Ice fest on January 3rd 2009, complete with snowman building, ice sculpting competitions, dog sledding, ice skating and lots of BeaverTails and maple syrup on snow for everyone who can adorn gloves and a warm hat! A great way to kick off the New Year with family and friends!

I will leave you with a tube of Ottawa Senator’s centre man Jason Spezza boasting about his adopted city and remembering his fist times on the Rideau Canal skate way with his family as he enjoys a few BeaverTails on a brisk winter day in windy Ottawa.

Regretting nothing,