Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ObamaTails for Everyone!

It’s time! Today’s the day! Hooray! A breath of fresh democratic air into the world’s lungs has just been inhaled which makes us seem a little giddier than usual. Never has the word “inauguration” and “presidential” spun so many smiles of relief and beaming eyes of hope in so many. A very exciting time for anyone or anything with a pulse! The people of BeaverTails are also very excited about Barack Obama’s inauguration to the American presidency, so much so, that we have created a Tail in honour of the celebration and the 44th President of the United States. To test them out before the big day, founder Grant Hooker and his wife Pam, distributed free, what are now called ObamaTails, last week on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Whipped cream and chocolate hazelnut in the shape of a letter O on a warm Tail became an overnight hit in Canada. Today, the ObamaTails will be served at the Canadian Embassy on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington during the inaugural parade at a good old fashion tailgate party! If you don’t have a ticket to the inaugural festivities in Washington, the ObamaTail will be served once again on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa in celebration of the new American president.

What better way to celebrate the sweet ascent to the presidential seat!

Here are some pictures of last week’s event on the Rideau Canal. Doesn’t that Tail look deliciously democratic!

Regretting nothing,