Friday, February 27, 2009

What is a BeaverTail? - Animoto

Here is the video you can view when you click on the What is a BeaverTail? section of the new BeaverTails website.


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pres. Obama takes a stroll on the ByWard Market

Obama makes an unscheduled stop in the Ottawa ByWard Market during his first offcial foreign visit to Canada to get a few things and to sample the BeaverTails made in his honour, the ObamaTail!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Presidents, First Ladies and Winterludes, Oh My!

Ottawa is buzzing with excitement as it anxiously awaits the newly inaugurated President of the United States for his first official foreign visit.

The red carpets are laid out, the proper teas are being brewed and the pitchers of water that have yet to be placed in the centre of the discussion tables are being chilled for what the RCMP is calling “a veritable political rock star visit!” The Parliament expects to see many supporters of President Obama for today’s visit as he carries the hope of so many to strengthen Canadian and American relations. In honour of this special day, the BeaverTails stores in the ByWard Market and on the Rideau Canal Skateway will be distributing the now famous ObamaTails, served at the Canadian Embassy in Washington last month during the President’s inauguration. Not since Hilary Clinton, back in 1995, known then as the First Lady of the United States, had adorned some skates and frolicked on the Rideau Canal to a BeaverTails hut has there been so much excitement over a political figure in Ottawa during the busy Winterlude festivities.

Will President Obama have time to partake in Winterlude festivities I hear some ask? Unfortunately, many speculators agree that the new President will have a lot on his plate to discuss with Prime Minister Harper and so the chance of seeing him skating along the Rideau Canal might not be in the cards for now. Nonetheless, you can show your support and have an ObamaTail in celebration of his visit. After all, the parliament is a mere seven minutes walk away from the Rideau Canal and the ByWard Market.

How busy of a schedule?

President Obama will be greeted by the Governor General at 10:30 this morning at the International Ottawa Airport. At 11:30 he will meet with Prime Minister Harper and then following-up with a press conference at 2:45 this afternoon. At 4:00 pm, he will be greeted and sent off for his return to Washington at the airport by Liberal opposition leader Michael Ignatieff. A short and sweet visit, like a neighbour casually making his introductions around the block.


This weekend is your last chance to partake in the Winterlude festivities for the 2009 edition. With the newly fallen snow, it is the ideal time to take in some winter fun as opposed to the dewy temperatures of the previous weekend. Here’s hoping for another great wrap-up season!

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In the end, President Obama had time to visit the ByWard Market and have a BeaverTail!