Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life Is a Cartoon Editorial Old Chum!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In our case, we believe that “parody” might be a better fit for that old saying.

Not since Prince Charles placed his royal seal on the official Royal Family’s tea biscuits has a treat been so politicised then on the day the 44th President of the United States decided to make an impromptu stop in the Ottawa ByWard Market during his first foreign visit where he asked out loud where he could find a BeaverTail. Result: Ladies and gentlemen of the Press and of the World, feast your eyes on the ObamaTail, as the BeaverTails ByWard Market store employee, Jessica Milien, hands the newly inaugurated President a Tail in his honour. This photo opportunity received so much positive coverage and media attention, from nightly newscasts to follow-up blogs, that it was just a matter of time before cartoon editorials (funny ones!) would eventually surface.

Ladies and gentlemen of the good humour jury, I would like at this time to introduce to you exhibits A and B for your referral.

Le Devoir’s Garnotte has our current Canadian political leaders lining up at a BeaverTails stand looking to purchase a custom made Tail (possibly! Oh maybe hopefully!), made in their honour, in order to attract the same positive crowd reactions Obama has been showered with since his inauguration and during his stop in the Ottawa ByWard Market. Harper asks for a plain old Cheez Whiz Tail, Michael is looking for a fancy caviar Tail, Gilles is looking for a blueberry Tail (with blueberries from Lac Saint-Jean Qu├ębec please!) and Jack, as not to bother too much, would like a simple orange Tail.
La Presse’s Chapleau, has the Canadian Prime Minister freely distributing from a tray, with a grinning smile, in hopes of softening his usually stern image, BeaverTails at the United Nations in New York during his Canadian seduction campaign. An event which followed the overwhelming positive responses Harper received in regards to President Obama’s fist brief foreign visit.
With all this media attention regarding world leaders and BeaverTails, some former Canadian Prime Ministers have been left wondering why a BeaverTail had never been created in their own honour. Take Kim Campbell for instance…
Regretting nothing,