Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day and Welcome To the Jungle…er…um…Welcome to the Canadian Forest!

Time to celebrate all things proudly Canadian! Tomorrow, main streets across Canada will be flooded with the famous red and white maple leaf flag and children will run through water sprinklers trying to keep cool as their parents look on sitting on lawn chairs taking in the heat waiting for a clear evening sky to form for the famous annual fireworks to light up in their eyes. Culinary delights in honour of Canada’s 142nd birthday (looking good Canada, you don’t look a day over 35!) will include a large Canadian breakfast with Peameal bacon, moose burgers grilled on the barbeque, a swig or two from a bottle of Saint-John’s Moosehead beer and, of course, for dessert, BeaverTails! If you find yourself in our Nation’s Capital tomorrow, check out the following listing to plan out your day and night.

In honour of our lush Canadian forests and the animals that inhabit them, the BeaverTails head office has adorned itself with dividers representing various silhouettes of animals rummaging, galloping or flying through a wild forest we call our office. Here are some pictures below. Enjoy!

Happy Canada Day BeaverTails addicts! Tell me how your day went when you come back to your monitors on July 2nd!

Regretting nothing,