Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy Weather Makes For Nice BeaverTails Fun!...If You Want It!

The Canadian climate is so topsy-turvy these days, what with the sweltering heats in British-Columbia and the constant drizzle of rain in Eastern Canada (how can we reverse that exactly?), that it left us to contend with a series of wet wedding dresses and flattened bouffant hairdos ruined during the traditional “walk in park” photo shoot, grumpy sour faced little kids at summer camps endlessly playing games of chess and Monopoly as their tents continue to collect water from that little hole in the front flap, and the creation of a Facebook group of British-Columbians who are unsure of what to do during their sunny lunch breaks (how does one eat outside without holding an umbrella?) and where to store all their snazzy raingear they bought earlier last April.

Ah, complaining about the weather. A great Canadian past time! This year however, especially on the blogosphere, Canadians have had enough of Mother Nature’s bouts of temper tantrums and have resulted in taking their anger (virtually speaking) on weather networks and their commentators.

Don’t worry dear friends, as the little curly red haired girl sings; “The sun will come out tomorrow…”…right?...tomorrow? Perhaps?...please…

Some of you, dear BeaverTails fans, have ventured into this wonderland type climate in search of a great summer vacation experience and for some BeaverTails! Kudos to you and your determination in making every moment count and memorable! More recently, Canadian Bald Guy visited the Tall Ships Festival in Nova-Scotia on a very foggy day in Halifax with his family, where his partner, Sunshine, got to taste her very first BeaverTail!

Looking good Sunshine!

Meanwhile, within the Halifax Waterfront Store, franchisee Marianne Peryer, was explaining to Ashlee from the origins of a BeaverTail and how they are prepared. You can view her video here.

How will you defy the weather this summer BeaverTails fans?

Regretting nothing,