Monday, August 31, 2009

BT Fashion Crisis?

Do you wake up in the morning stricken with the fear of wearing the same old bland thing? Do you feel your clothes don’t reflect your addictive personality as much as you hoped too? Don’t know what to wear to show off your Canadian pride and your love for all things sweet and delicious?!

BeaverTails comes to the rescue with its line of new t-shirts which can be worn anywhere from the baseball field to that trendy new club downtown…or when stopping by at your favourite BT store for that late night bite.

First step, choose your favourite Canadian animal silhouette and its adjoining quote.
  • The bear says “Always leave room for dessert”.
  • The deer asks you to not even think about touching his BeaverTail treat – en français.
  • The beaver yells out “Dip This” in reference to our yummy chocolate dip.
  • The moose sternly stomps his hooves while roaring “Bite Me!”
  •  …or you can choose a t-shirt that quotes the year when BeaverTails made its first appearance with “Addicted Since 1978”.
Step two, choose the available colour that goes with the animal/quote print; from baby blue to pink or from forest green to chocolate brown, and voila!, you’ve got yourself the latest piece of Canadian culinary fashion on your back.

All t-shirts come packaged in the exclusive inspired BeaverTails maple syrup can-tube for easy gift giving or travel use!

Currently, the BT t-shirts are found at the Queues de Castor boutique store in Old Québec on Champlain Boulevard and will soon be available on our on-line shop at for those of you who will not be heading to Québec City this fall.

Your fashion crisis has now been sweetly resolved!

Regretting nothing,