Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slices Of Life

Just like magic, as you’re looking out your car window driving down the freeway on a crisp Sunday afternoon, a leaf turns to reveal a yellowish part of itself that automatically calls upon its brothers and sisters to do the same in order to reveal their “true colours”. All of sudden, and in unison, these splashes of deep dark purples, rusty reds, milk chocolate browns from every tree top call upon their onlookers to either wrap a light scarf around their necks, collect their school notebooks or to gather what’s left in the crops and gardens to make, what will be for the next five months, soup and stew dinners.

Just before you carve out your pumpkin for that celebration your dentist calls an “unfortunate tooth decaying time” (aka Halloween), you remember all the fun you once had as a kid climbing those large orchard trees trying to collect all the Macintosh apples you could with your Super Man sweatshirt as a net. You giggle at the memory of the apple fights you had with your cousins, friends and siblings and the few remaining apples (you kept eating the ones you picked!) that were left in your basket on your way out of the orchard’s grounds. Your apple “endeavours” were usually rewarded with a homemade apple pie and a warm cider at the end of the day.

Can’t head to the orchards this time around or looking for something more to go with those delicious apples during this time of comfort foods and pre-hibernation? BeaverTails understands how a culinary urge must be satisfied before anything else (or before it’s too late!), and so, the famous Apple & Cinnamon Tail was created in honour of this traditional time of year.

Take your classic Cinnamon & Sugar Tail, layer slices of delicious apples smothered in apple and cinnamon spread and drizzle a caramel sauce on top for that extra touch of sweetness that heads straight to your nostalgic heart. The result? Purely apple-licious. Make sure to wash it all down with a warm cup of coco to make that afternoon stop at one of the BeaverTails stores that are still open this time of year even more memorable.

Until then, as we continue to look at the leaves changing into a rusty rainbow, have your self a nice apple inspired day and a great beginning of this autumn season!

Regretting nothing,