Friday, October 30, 2009

BeaverTails Heads to the USA!

When are you coming back to the US?

It’s been a while since BeaverTails were last devoured in the United States of America! Many of the US BT addicts have rather fond memories of their first bite into a BeaverTail taken at Disney World’s Epcot Centre in Florida but had to resort to nostalgia when we closed up the shop at the Canadian Pavilion a few years back.

You’re right US BT addicts! It’s been too long and we’re so glad to see you again!

This time around, we are strapping on our hiking boots, skies and snowboards and wheeling our BT mobile to the mountain top town of Breckenridge, Colorado and setting up a boutique store at the Keystone Ski Resort, also in the Colorado Mountains!

Both stores in Colorado will open just in time for the ski season and have already garnered much attention as they set up, as you can see here from the picture below taken from’s e-edition of October, Wednesday 28th 2009.

The location of the BT mobile in Breckenridge, CO can be found here.

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Give me more fun news for skiing/BeaverTails fanatics!

On the Canadian side of the border, the Horseshoe Skiing Resort in Ontario is also getting ready to open its doors at the end of the month to a hoard of BeaverTails addicts/skiers/nature lovers for another winter season of hot chocolate lips, chocolate sauce moustaches and cinnamon & sugar crumbs on wool mittens. More news and pictures of the official opening will be uploaded on these pages as the date approaches.
Hey! You forgot to mention Halloween!
This year, in celebration of every dentist’s favourite time of the year, BeaverTails decided to disguise its official truck in its famous red colour, with logos and pictures of its yummy treats! Even on the windows! Note: Please refrain from eating portions of the car if you see it on the road, no matter how mouth watering it looks, as the car is not edible.

We were so proud of the finished product that we forgot to name it. This is where you come in dear BT Addicts. Stay tuned next week on this blog and Facebook Page on how you can propose then vote for your favourite name of the BT truck and to win prizes that will surely delight your taste buds!

Happy Halloween!

Regretting nothing,