Friday, November 6, 2009

What’s My BT Name Contest?

We, at BeaverTails, got ourselves into a little predicament. It’s like we took the time, to comb our hair, spray ourselves with cologne, wear our best rented tux, walk confidently to the ball displaying our wonderful selves to the other guest, but when came time to introduce ourselves to all the lovely people around us, no words could be uttered out of our mouths. We can’t even scribble it on a piece of paper, because, truth be told; WE’RE NAMELESS! Can you help?

Here’s the situation. Our new Honda Element has been all wrapped up with pictures of our delectable Tails, our logos and our now famous coco face kids complete with sticky sugary hands. All of these images are displayed on the truck’s rusty red background, even on its windows. We look pretty flashy and snazzy on the highways, but every time we come to introduce the vehicle to general onlookers, no names are muttered and we find ourselves at a loss for words…ho…hum…

This is where you come in dear BT addicts! * Cue Superman theme song here or any uplifting symphony George Lucas might use in his next film.* It’s up to you! Yes you! To figure out what our new truck should be called.

Just come up with what you think would be a great name for our new truck by submitting it either in the comments box below this blog, our Facebook Fan Page’s general wall or in the comments section of the photo album dedicated to the famous nameless metallic beauty that makes you hungry for your favourite treat every time you see it on the street!

Once all the names have been collected, the best names will be put to a BT addicts’ voting process right here on these pages in the next following weeks and the person who chose the winning name will find themselves getting fun stuff on behalf of BeaverTails like our hats, Tails and t-shirts!

Good luck dear BT Addicts! Thanks for your help!

Regretting nothing,