Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from BeaverTails!

Whether you are currently hopping from one shop to the next avoiding slush puddles on the corners of the narrow, snowy and windy city streets holding rolls of wrapping paper and colourful bows, adding the final and delicate touches to tonight’s dinner table presentation or have wrapped yourself in a warm blanket while drinking warm coco watching the best that daytime television has to offer (is the Young and The Restless really still on?), BeaverTails would like to take this time to wish you a warm and sweet Holiday Season!

For those of you who need just a little more convincing, a little push if you will, that this is the right time to get into the Holiday Spirit and to find ones inner sweet tooth, or for those of you who need a little breather between snow storms, interminable shopping experiences and food preparation, here are some inspirational moments that were captured on Parliament Hill and in the ByWard Market on George Street in Ottawa a few Saturdays ago when the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch Relay’s arrival coincided with fireworks, national pride and free BeaverTails!

British-Columbians, Tails and the Olympic Torch!

Parliament Hill, beautiful Christmas lights and long line-ups for Free Tails!

You can check out all of our BeaverTails videos and “favourited” videos on our addictivebeavertails YouTube Channel.

Again, happy Holiday Season dear BT addicts and wishing you the sweetest in 2010!

Regretting nothing,


Friday, December 18, 2009

TAIL BLAZER and Just How Far Would You Go For A BeaverTail?

And the winner of the Name Me Contest is…*drum roll*....drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….BING! TAIL BLAZER by QJ H.! Congratulations QJ! BeaverTails will be sending you a whole bunch of BT stuff just in time for the Holidays and the busy Ottawa winter season! Winterlude, here comes QJ! Now, when you see this delectable truck on the road, all you BT addicts can yell out in glee; “IT’S THE TAIL BLAZER!” Remember that the TAIL BLAZER isn’t edible, no matter how delicious it looks…

Thank you to all of our finalists of the Name Me Contest and all those who voted on our poll at the bottom of this blog. We’ll have more contests coming up for our BT addicts in the New Year! Stay tuned…

In the spirit of competition (and mischievous behaviour), we here at the BT Head Lodge have recently contemplated just how far one would go (physically and metaphorically) to satisfy their BeaverTail cravings.

Would you…
  • Saw a piece off of the Rideau Canal Skateway, place it in your backyard and set up a BeaverTails hut so you can have access to BeaverTails whenever you wanted?
  • Hire the best botanists in the world to figure out how we can make BeaverTails grow on trees?
  • Repetitively write “A bunch of BeaverTails please!” on a 200 page letter addressed to Santa Claus?
Let us know just how far you would go for a BeaverTail.

Regretting nothing,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Tails Reminder and Finalists For the Name Me Contest!

Hey there BT Addicts!

A quick message reminding you of tomorrow’s Lights Across Canada event which will coincide with the arrival of the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch relay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm where you will be able to get FREE TAILS AND HOT CHOCOLATE (while quantities last)! Look out for BT videographer Simone at this event who’ll be filming you while you devour your favourite pastry treat. If you can’t make it tomorrow night, head to the Mayor’s Ninth Annual Christmas Celebration at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa this Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm where you can also get some more Tails and hot chocolate!

Before I wish you all a nice weekend, a quick word on the Name Me Contest

We here at the BT Head Lodge have taken the liberty of naming our Honda Element "Puffy" in reference to what a Tail does when cooked, that is, puff up. Some of you however, have proposed a series of other names during this contest. Here are the finalists for the Name Me Contest;
  • Cube Tail - by Meggie H.
  • Castor en Metal - by Harry Mc.
  • Tail Blazer - by QJ H.
  • BeaverTails Gaiter - by Diane R.
Let us know what you think would be the best name for our truck by voting for your favourite at the poll at the bottom of this blog before December 18th and let’s cross our fingers that we get this vehicle baptised before another snow storm hits us this year! The winner of the proposed name will get cool BT stuff!

Have a nice weekend eating BeaverTails dear addicts! See you next Friday.

Regretting nothing,


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Tails and Hot Chocolate and The Olympic Torch!?

It’s that time of the year again! It started with just a slight brisk breeze in mid November, then we wrapped our necks in our latest and most fashionable wool scarves and found ourselves standing at the bus stop waiting for our morning public transport to arrive, when, all of sudden, we were gently kissed on the nose by a melting snowflake that wistfully fell from the sky. Then another. And another…and…another. And then we were reminded of the following;
  • I have to send out those Holiday correspondences soon (something you say every year that you never really do…)
  • Ginger bread and beef barley soup sounds very nice for this evening’s dinner. Who can I get to prepare that?
  • Are the Christmas lights still stapled to the roof for convenience’s sake or did I diligently wrap them in an unsightly little ball and stash them somewhere under the plastic blinking Rudolph mannequin who may or may not also be stapled to the roof and/or housing a family of squirrels?
  • Argh! I’m standing in a slush puddle, wearing my runners, waiting for the bus to come!

Fortunately, with the fall of the first snow flakes also comes exciting news about Ottawa’s Holiday season activities and, of course, our favourite treat to eat during the coldest time of the year.

For those of you who have been diligently been following the 2010 Winter Olympics Torch Relay, you’ll be happy to know that, in addition to arriving on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at 7:00 pm on Saturday, December 12th 2009, the Olympic festivities will be intermingled with the NCC’s Christmas Lights Across Canada event. The Christmas lights will be “switched on” at 5:30 pm that evening and, in order to keep you warm, a BeaverTails mobile will be on site from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, on the Hill, distributing free, yes you read that right FREE, BeaverTails and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm as they wait of the Olympic Torch to blaze by!
Colourful lights, flaming torches, piping hot Tails and hot chocolate!? It’s actually going to be a hot blazing evening of fun and celebration making you forget, at least for a brief moment, the upcoming snow flurries, ice patches and numerous slush puddles along your street corner.

If you find yourself taking pictures of this colourful event and would like to share them with the rest of the BT addicts, you can upload them on the BeaverTails Facebook Fan page or send them to me. We here at BeaverTails love to see sugary and chocolaty smiles wrapped in tuques and scarves!

Regretting nothing,

Ps. A note on the “Name Me!” contest; Stay tuned tomorrow for the unveiling of our chosen names and get ready to vote for your favourite one to win Tails and a bunch of BeaverTails products! Just in time for the Holidays. There is still time to participate. You can add your name suggestion for our new Honda Element here on our Facebook Fan Page, here in the blog entry dedicated to the contest, or send your suggestions directly to me! Good luck!