Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween dear BeaverTails pastry addicts!

In the middle of a cold and foggy evening, I woke up screaming in fright.

Dancing shadows, from the tree branches outside my bedroom, were dancing on my windowsill with all their might.

Thinking happy thoughts, I went back to bed…

…trying to get those ghostly sounds and images out of my head.

As I raised the blankets over my eyes,

I heard a screaming howl that shook my soul to my very own thighs.

“Feeeeeeeeeeed meeeee! Feeeed me my treat!” the voice lamented.

I shakily peeked from the corner of my blanket to see a specter of a young boy who looked sad and frightened.

“What’s wrong ghost boy?” I queried.

“Before passing away”, he said. “I was promised a delicious BeaverTails pastry treat that I never got," he wearied.

I smiled to my new friend and said: “If I get you a BeaverTails pastry, will you stop howling and crying in the middle of the night?”

His pale face winced, “Oh yes! Yes, please and thank you! You won’t have me no longer in your sight!”

The next night I placed a BeaverTails pastry at the foot of my bed with a note attached to it.

The note said: “Good night ghost boy and sweet dreams. Here’s your treat which, I must admit, is much better than a banana split!”

So, what’s the moral of the story? Always indulge yourself! You’ll never know when you’ll be able to do it again…in this lifetime at least!

Happy Halloween dear BeaverTails addicts!

Regretting nothing,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do you remember your first time?

Your tummy was rumbling. You couldn’t care less about your diet plans that day. Your hands were moist and sweaty. You were giggling, maybe uncontrollably, looking at the yummy options on the menu. You looked at others devouring the chocolate spreads or the sugars mixed in with cinnamon, all on a warm pastry, and you eventually and confidently said to yourself; “Yes, this is it! This is the day I partake in a Canadiana adventure!” It was the first time you were going to have a BeaverTails pastry. This would change the way you thought of desserts, Canada and how you could sneak one in during every lunch break you had from that moment forward.

“Welcome to BeaverTails! How can I satisfy your sweet tooth today?”

So many choices! What to do?…oh what to do?…You whispered to yourself. You may have been so conflicted at the time of your first BeaverTails experience because, deep down, you knew your first pastry would determine your favourite one for many years to come.

Right now, on our Facebook Fan Page, inspired by a Twitpic post of the BeaverTails store sign in the Byward Market in Ottawa, we ask you dear BeaverTails addicts; do you remember the first time you chomped your teeth into your favourite pastry snack? Some say they can’t get over the chocolate and banana mix while others call themselves purists sticking to classics like the Killaloe Sunrise. Whatever your favourite flavour is, leave your comment/story about your first time eating a BeaverTails pastry in the comment section below or post your pics, vids or stories on our Facebook Fan Page and you’ll get the chance to win some yummy BeaverTails pastries!

You can do what pop star Katy Perry did this summer when she came to Toronto for the MMVA and post something in your twitter feed. You can also post a vid like the one Shelley made, just below.

Looking forward to hearing about your first times,

Regretting nothing,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is fast approaching...

As fall slinks its way into our calendars next week on the 22nd, here are a few images from our BeaverTails addicts enjoying themselves during the delicious summer we had this year! Can’t wait to see what autumn has to bring. Do you also love the feeling of holding hot chocolate and a warm BeaverTails pastry while watching the leaves change colour? At the very least, you can rid yourself of your nutritional guilt when eating your favourite pastry by saying that you are getting ready to hibernate for the season!

Regretting nothing,


Monday, August 23, 2010

BeaverTails Online Shop

Can't quite make up your mind on what delicious new BeaverTails branded item you want from our online shop? Check out this Animoto then click to our's online store! You'll finally be able to show off (and in style!) just how big your sweet tooth really is!

Regretting nothing,


Friday, July 30, 2010

Join us! We’re having so much fun this summer!

As you plan your summer events around your favourite BeaverTails stores across the nation this year, make sure you are decked out in the latest fashions that we have to offer. At our new Café Press online shop you can find an assortment of summer gear ranging from t-shirts, trucker hats and tote bags for the beach adorned with the stylish BeaverTails logo or with the outspoken silhouettes of typical North American animals. By the way, silhouettes of moose yelling out “Bite Me” are so in this season this year. If you would like a BeaverTails branded item that you don’t see on our e-shop’s shelves, let us know here and we will make sure you get that funky item in time for your cousin’s bachelorette party or to commemorate your best friend’s visit to Ottawa or Montreal. Which one is your favourite?

This weekend, in Ontario, celebrate the long weekend by sailing off to the BeaverTails store in Tobermory to indulge yourself in your favourite pastry! Our lovely and photogenic Sergeant O’Beav will be on hand for the festivities handing out goodies to all who have a sugary smile on their face. You can send your pictures of your fun time that day here to share with all!

You can also sail off this weekend into the third annual Rideau Canal Festival where visitors are invited to express the affection they have for the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the reason they fell in love with it in the first place. For many skating aficionados, it was the first bite into a warm BeaverTails pastry on that cold brisk day back in February of (fill in the year of your choice here) that made them return for more and appreciate what the Rideau Canal has had to offer throughout the years. We heart you Rideau Canal!

In Sudbury, Ontario, the official launch party is in full swing since yesterday’s BeaverTails Eating Contest to celebrate the ever popular Northern Ontario mobile unit. There is plenty of time to come party with us as you venture out into scenic Northern Ontario this weekend!

How are you enjoying your summer indulgences dear BeaverTails addicts? Let me know here.

Regretting nothing,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Your Canadian flag? Check! Red and white face paint? Check? Red shorts with matching red and white socks? Check? Mastered that curtsey move in case you meet the Queen of England? Charmed and check!
There you stand my fellow Canuck; in your finest Canadian garb. You’ve planned out your day around fireworks displays, water guns, barbeque parties and patio conversations, but there’s just one thing missing; “Where am I going to get my favourite pastry in the whole world?”

Don’t worry dear BeaverTails pastry addict, we’ve got you covered!

In Ottawa, once you’ve waved back to Elizabeth II and complimented her on her choice of sun hat that day, head to the BeaverTails mobile near Parliament Hill. You can get some extras for that evening’s fireworks display.

In the Maritimes, head to the Bedford Days’ last day of celebration in Nova-Scotia where you will find your favourite BeaverTails Mobile ready to cater to your sweet tooth.

In Sudbury, Ontario, take part in the indoor and outdoor activities at the Science North complex. Our new BeaverTails Mobile will help celebrate your favourite Canadian day!

In Old Montreal, Québec, head to the Old Port to catch the parade. To find the BeaverTails pastries, follow your nose and you watering mouth to here.

Petawawa, Ontario, boasts to having the largest Canada Day celebration in the Ottawa-Valley. We’ll also be there serving your classic Cinnanon & Sugar BeaverTails pastry to Chocolate BeaverTails pastry!

I’ll leave you with a clip of a time when we were at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Centre’s Canadian Pavilion!

Happy Canada Day!

Regretting nothing,


Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Makeover!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where one must pull out everything from their closet in order to scrutinize its clothing and accessory contents, cut strategic fringed holes in their jeans to make them a little more fashionable, spray paint those orange 80’s style plastic sunglasses to a different colour and cast off all fading t-shirts to cotton purgatory. The whole ordeal can be quite daunting and leave you feeling hopeless in front of the mirror looking like a fashion catastrophe, an unwarranted one, saying; “I guess the fruit bowl hat isn’t a good match to my trendy rainbow rainy boots after all…”

Yes, spring makeovers can leave you nauseated at the best of times. Thankfully, we here at BeaverTails Canada Inc. can show you just how to get that sense of accomplishment when “switching things up a little bit” and refrain from throwing fists of frustration into the air or onto your mirror.
Stay current in a wave of hope and change just like our new wax wraps that now boast a great picture of U.S. President Obama during his first official visit to our Nation’s Capital accepting the BeaverTails pastry that was made in his honour.
Tired of feeling colourless and mundane? Our brown carryout trays sure did. All it took was a splash of red here and there and now we can’t seem to take our eyes off of them!
Don’t get green with envy, go red instead! Our napkins were so envious of the carryout trays’ glowing transformation that they went ahead and got all spruced up as well!
Our coffee and hot chocolate cups have wrapped themselves in our signature red palette and accessorised with our large and bright logos. The next time you sip something warm while eating your favourite delicacy, make sure it is in style with these cups!
Let us know what you think of the new “paper” lifts next time you visit us.

Regretting nothing,


Thursday, April 29, 2010

A BeaverTails® Show & Tell

Your show and tell presentation is due tomorrow, you have nothing in your closest of particular interest (“There’s the gum I’ve been saving!”) and the last time you brought something to class Ms. Grouchy McGrouchy wasn’t too impressed with your collection of “poisonous signing cougars”, which, as you already knew, weren’t quite so poisonous, couldn’t carry a tune and were, in fact, your constantly sleeping gerbils with plastic vampire fangs glued on their foreheads. Don’t fret! Get an A+ on your next show and tell presentation by heading to the BeaverTails® website’s new students section’s Fun Trivia and F.A.Q and get all the BeaverTails information you could ever possibly need to wow your classmates and even impress Ms. McGrouchy (and, maybe, get her to crack something resembling a smile)!

Get to know about the famous pastry’s history, its origins, the fun characters that have become instant BeaverTails addicts and how many tons of chocolate hazelnut spread have been smeared throughout the years in comparison to an elephant’s (and beaver’s!) average weight!

No, there won’t be a surprise quiz from us the next time your gorge on your favourite treat, but at least your gerbils can remain asleep the next time you have a show and tell presentation the following day that you had forgotten about...

Regretting nothing,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter Melts = Tail Eating Contests!

The arrival of flower buds, skiing with nothing but Bermuda shorts on and the sound of sneakers scratching on gravel roads announces the first signs of spring; for BeaverTail addicts, at the end of March, it also proclaims the unofficial month of the Tail Eating Contest! Usually organised on popular ski hills across the country where one can find delicious BeaverTails, skiers can rejoice in an afternoon of gorging on their favourite delicacy to see who can eat them the fastest! The winners walk away with a bunch of prizes and goodies. The most popular Tail Eating Contests are held at Mount-Washington in British-Columbia and at Ski Martock in Nova-Scotia. Mascot Beav is usually part of the event cheering on the BT addicts to eating victory!

In the spirit of spring time thaws and BeaverTails, skiers at Ski Martock can also partake in the Slush Cup challenge, which tests to see who can glide over the large and cold thawing marsh/puddle at the bottom of the hill without falling into it! Contestants get to have the Slush Cup song blared into the hill’s speakers in their Olympian honour just before they ski down the hill! Those who glide safely across the water puddle/pond are entered into the prestigious Slush Cup of fame and win some BeaverTails!

Here is an Animoto with pictures of the Tail Eating contest at Mount-Washington and the Slush Cup contest at Ski Martock!


Regretting nothing,


Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Winning Smiles from Coast to Coast

Whether you were cheering on the slalom exploits of the 1st gold medalist on Canadian soil, Alexandre Bilodeau, at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver or ogling in awe at the sculptural ice crystal marvels at Confederation Park in Ottawa during the Winterlude celebrations, this month was the ideal one to feast on warm BeaverTails and hot chocolate and to have your out of town friends and relatives try them out for the first time.

BeaverTail first timers included Zach Filkins and Ryan Tedder of the band OneRepublic who had their first BeaverTail at the Whistler Village store last Wednesday during a televised interview - Pssst, boys, you can get them in the United States now, right in your home state of Colorado in Breckenridge and at the Keystone Ski Mountain Resort! – and the wonderfully eccentric Ghanaian skier Kwame “The Snow Leopard” Nkrumah-Acheampong who just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a BeaverTail at the Mount-Washington store after a tryout run on the hill.

Even Time Magazine couldn’t resist the chance to feature the iconic culinary delight from Canada at the BeaverTails store at Whistler Mountain.

For more seasoned connoisseurs, like Alexandre Bilodeau, inspiration was mixed in with well spent brotherly quality time as CTV showcased the gold medalist and his brother Frédéric getting some BeaverTails at the store in Old Montreal.

Over in Halifax, the spotlight was on the 2011 Canada winter games, which will be hosted in the Nova-Scotian capital next February, as fans cheered on street hockey players while sinking their teeth into their favourite treats.

In Ottawa, Alee43 took the time to describe his first BeaverTail experience in front of the flagship store in the Byward Market.

How have your Canadian winter celebrations been coming along dear BT addicts? Let me know here!

Regretting nothing,


Friday, January 29, 2010

Ode to the Famous Winter Blizzard

Oh, to you, the one with the many swirling snowflakes and who seems to know exactly how to get under my scarf and right into my already frozen skin. The one that knows know limits when gusting through a reasonably uneventful day and who awakens our spirits at the very sight of you. Oh whooshing one, the one who makes children hope for your overnight appearance to create the eventual shutdown of the local school. Your constant haze and fury is matched only to the morning glisten you leave behind and the beaming smiles you place on our faces as we lace up our skates, lock in our skis or carve with our snowboards. You invigorate us and yet remind us of just how vulnerable we are to your elements. Thank you, oh Winter Blizzard, for making our winter activities that much more enjoyable. You are so much more rewarding than your disappointing cousins, Drizzle and Freezing Rain who seem to only leave a sloppy trail behind everywhere they go!

We here at BeaverTails always get excited when we see big piles of the powdery and icy stuff fall from the sky even if it means adding 15 minutes to the daily morning routine as you bundle up with 16 layers of clothing before heading to work or school.

For skaters in Ottawa, it means the Rideau Canal has frozen over!

For the boarders of Colorado, it means that it’s time to hit the slopes!

The payoff to any winter activity, which can also be a great and sweet way to stay warm, is, of course, getting BeaverTails at the end of the day! Best to eat on the spot with your mitts still on, while your cheeks are red and your eyes are watery…

Next month, we’ll be delving into more Winter Wonderlands, namely in Ottawa’s Winterlude festivities, Quebec City’s Carnaval and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Looking forward to seeing your pictures and videos for these much anticipated events!

Regretting nothing,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Tails and 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

On December 12th, 2009, to coincide with the arrival of the 2010 Winter Olympic torch's arrival on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the NCC's Across the Nation Christmas Lights Festival, free BeaverTails and hot chocolate were served to keep everyone warm!