Friday, January 29, 2010

Ode to the Famous Winter Blizzard

Oh, to you, the one with the many swirling snowflakes and who seems to know exactly how to get under my scarf and right into my already frozen skin. The one that knows know limits when gusting through a reasonably uneventful day and who awakens our spirits at the very sight of you. Oh whooshing one, the one who makes children hope for your overnight appearance to create the eventual shutdown of the local school. Your constant haze and fury is matched only to the morning glisten you leave behind and the beaming smiles you place on our faces as we lace up our skates, lock in our skis or carve with our snowboards. You invigorate us and yet remind us of just how vulnerable we are to your elements. Thank you, oh Winter Blizzard, for making our winter activities that much more enjoyable. You are so much more rewarding than your disappointing cousins, Drizzle and Freezing Rain who seem to only leave a sloppy trail behind everywhere they go!

We here at BeaverTails always get excited when we see big piles of the powdery and icy stuff fall from the sky even if it means adding 15 minutes to the daily morning routine as you bundle up with 16 layers of clothing before heading to work or school.

For skaters in Ottawa, it means the Rideau Canal has frozen over!

For the boarders of Colorado, it means that it’s time to hit the slopes!

The payoff to any winter activity, which can also be a great and sweet way to stay warm, is, of course, getting BeaverTails at the end of the day! Best to eat on the spot with your mitts still on, while your cheeks are red and your eyes are watery…

Next month, we’ll be delving into more Winter Wonderlands, namely in Ottawa’s Winterlude festivities, Quebec City’s Carnaval and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Looking forward to seeing your pictures and videos for these much anticipated events!

Regretting nothing,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Tails and 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

On December 12th, 2009, to coincide with the arrival of the 2010 Winter Olympic torch's arrival on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the NCC's Across the Nation Christmas Lights Festival, free BeaverTails and hot chocolate were served to keep everyone warm!