Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter Melts = Tail Eating Contests!

The arrival of flower buds, skiing with nothing but Bermuda shorts on and the sound of sneakers scratching on gravel roads announces the first signs of spring; for BeaverTail addicts, at the end of March, it also proclaims the unofficial month of the Tail Eating Contest! Usually organised on popular ski hills across the country where one can find delicious BeaverTails, skiers can rejoice in an afternoon of gorging on their favourite delicacy to see who can eat them the fastest! The winners walk away with a bunch of prizes and goodies. The most popular Tail Eating Contests are held at Mount-Washington in British-Columbia and at Ski Martock in Nova-Scotia. Mascot Beav is usually part of the event cheering on the BT addicts to eating victory!

In the spirit of spring time thaws and BeaverTails, skiers at Ski Martock can also partake in the Slush Cup challenge, which tests to see who can glide over the large and cold thawing marsh/puddle at the bottom of the hill without falling into it! Contestants get to have the Slush Cup song blared into the hill’s speakers in their Olympian honour just before they ski down the hill! Those who glide safely across the water puddle/pond are entered into the prestigious Slush Cup of fame and win some BeaverTails!

Here is an Animoto with pictures of the Tail Eating contest at Mount-Washington and the Slush Cup contest at Ski Martock!


Regretting nothing,