Thursday, April 29, 2010

A BeaverTails® Show & Tell

Your show and tell presentation is due tomorrow, you have nothing in your closest of particular interest (“There’s the gum I’ve been saving!”) and the last time you brought something to class Ms. Grouchy McGrouchy wasn’t too impressed with your collection of “poisonous signing cougars”, which, as you already knew, weren’t quite so poisonous, couldn’t carry a tune and were, in fact, your constantly sleeping gerbils with plastic vampire fangs glued on their foreheads. Don’t fret! Get an A+ on your next show and tell presentation by heading to the BeaverTails® website’s new students section’s Fun Trivia and F.A.Q and get all the BeaverTails information you could ever possibly need to wow your classmates and even impress Ms. McGrouchy (and, maybe, get her to crack something resembling a smile)!

Get to know about the famous pastry’s history, its origins, the fun characters that have become instant BeaverTails addicts and how many tons of chocolate hazelnut spread have been smeared throughout the years in comparison to an elephant’s (and beaver’s!) average weight!

No, there won’t be a surprise quiz from us the next time your gorge on your favourite treat, but at least your gerbils can remain asleep the next time you have a show and tell presentation the following day that you had forgotten about...

Regretting nothing,


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