Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Your Canadian flag? Check! Red and white face paint? Check? Red shorts with matching red and white socks? Check? Mastered that curtsey move in case you meet the Queen of England? Charmed and check!
There you stand my fellow Canuck; in your finest Canadian garb. You’ve planned out your day around fireworks displays, water guns, barbeque parties and patio conversations, but there’s just one thing missing; “Where am I going to get my favourite pastry in the whole world?”

Don’t worry dear BeaverTails pastry addict, we’ve got you covered!

In Ottawa, once you’ve waved back to Elizabeth II and complimented her on her choice of sun hat that day, head to the BeaverTails mobile near Parliament Hill. You can get some extras for that evening’s fireworks display.

In the Maritimes, head to the Bedford Days’ last day of celebration in Nova-Scotia where you will find your favourite BeaverTails Mobile ready to cater to your sweet tooth.

In Sudbury, Ontario, take part in the indoor and outdoor activities at the Science North complex. Our new BeaverTails Mobile will help celebrate your favourite Canadian day!

In Old Montreal, Qu├ębec, head to the Old Port to catch the parade. To find the BeaverTails pastries, follow your nose and you watering mouth to here.

Petawawa, Ontario, boasts to having the largest Canada Day celebration in the Ottawa-Valley. We’ll also be there serving your classic Cinnanon & Sugar BeaverTails pastry to Chocolate BeaverTails pastry!

I’ll leave you with a clip of a time when we were at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Centre’s Canadian Pavilion!

Happy Canada Day!

Regretting nothing,