Friday, July 30, 2010

Join us! We’re having so much fun this summer!

As you plan your summer events around your favourite BeaverTails stores across the nation this year, make sure you are decked out in the latest fashions that we have to offer. At our new CafĂ© Press online shop you can find an assortment of summer gear ranging from t-shirts, trucker hats and tote bags for the beach adorned with the stylish BeaverTails logo or with the outspoken silhouettes of typical North American animals. By the way, silhouettes of moose yelling out “Bite Me” are so in this season this year. If you would like a BeaverTails branded item that you don’t see on our e-shop’s shelves, let us know here and we will make sure you get that funky item in time for your cousin’s bachelorette party or to commemorate your best friend’s visit to Ottawa or Montreal. Which one is your favourite?

This weekend, in Ontario, celebrate the long weekend by sailing off to the BeaverTails store in Tobermory to indulge yourself in your favourite pastry! Our lovely and photogenic Sergeant O’Beav will be on hand for the festivities handing out goodies to all who have a sugary smile on their face. You can send your pictures of your fun time that day here to share with all!

You can also sail off this weekend into the third annual Rideau Canal Festival where visitors are invited to express the affection they have for the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the reason they fell in love with it in the first place. For many skating aficionados, it was the first bite into a warm BeaverTails pastry on that cold brisk day back in February of (fill in the year of your choice here) that made them return for more and appreciate what the Rideau Canal has had to offer throughout the years. We heart you Rideau Canal!

In Sudbury, Ontario, the official launch party is in full swing since yesterday’s BeaverTails Eating Contest to celebrate the ever popular Northern Ontario mobile unit. There is plenty of time to come party with us as you venture out into scenic Northern Ontario this weekend!

How are you enjoying your summer indulgences dear BeaverTails addicts? Let me know here.

Regretting nothing,