Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do you remember your first time?

Your tummy was rumbling. You couldn’t care less about your diet plans that day. Your hands were moist and sweaty. You were giggling, maybe uncontrollably, looking at the yummy options on the menu. You looked at others devouring the chocolate spreads or the sugars mixed in with cinnamon, all on a warm pastry, and you eventually and confidently said to yourself; “Yes, this is it! This is the day I partake in a Canadiana adventure!” It was the first time you were going to have a BeaverTails pastry. This would change the way you thought of desserts, Canada and how you could sneak one in during every lunch break you had from that moment forward.

“Welcome to BeaverTails! How can I satisfy your sweet tooth today?”

So many choices! What to do?…oh what to do?…You whispered to yourself. You may have been so conflicted at the time of your first BeaverTails experience because, deep down, you knew your first pastry would determine your favourite one for many years to come.

Right now, on our Facebook Fan Page, inspired by a Twitpic post of the BeaverTails store sign in the Byward Market in Ottawa, we ask you dear BeaverTails addicts; do you remember the first time you chomped your teeth into your favourite pastry snack? Some say they can’t get over the chocolate and banana mix while others call themselves purists sticking to classics like the Killaloe Sunrise. Whatever your favourite flavour is, leave your comment/story about your first time eating a BeaverTails pastry in the comment section below or post your pics, vids or stories on our Facebook Fan Page and you’ll get the chance to win some yummy BeaverTails pastries!

You can do what pop star Katy Perry did this summer when she came to Toronto for the MMVA and post something in your twitter feed. You can also post a vid like the one Shelley made, just below.

Looking forward to hearing about your first times,

Regretting nothing,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is fast approaching...

As fall slinks its way into our calendars next week on the 22nd, here are a few images from our BeaverTails addicts enjoying themselves during the delicious summer we had this year! Can’t wait to see what autumn has to bring. Do you also love the feeling of holding hot chocolate and a warm BeaverTails pastry while watching the leaves change colour? At the very least, you can rid yourself of your nutritional guilt when eating your favourite pastry by saying that you are getting ready to hibernate for the season!

Regretting nothing,