Thursday, December 22, 2011

INSPIRE: Five Fun Finds of the Month

We enjoy making treats, but we also enjoy finding them on the internet. With so many hilarious, thought-provoking and entertaining websites, we sometimes miss the coolest ones. Here’s a list of our five fave finds of the month. We think you’ll enjoy them!

#1 Famous Magazine First Covers

Oh, how times have changed! Although we’re partial to our glossies, we adore the vintage fashion drawings that used to grace the cover.

#2 Mealtime Myths

Indulge in your morning coffee worry-free! It isn’t as bad as they say. Phew.

#3 Hot Spot Destination

Want to get away in the New Year? Bali is definitely an option! We promise you’ll love it. Could you bring us, too?

#4 Cute Homes

We’ve never seen a home so adorable! This home is in Portugal and costs about the same as a family car. When can we move in?

#5 Chocolate Treats

We love chocolate so much that we’ve found a list of 35 ways to satisfy our chocolate cravings. We always prefer BeaverTails though!

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