Wednesday, April 18, 2012

INSPIRE: Our 5 Fave Eco Designs

We're always trying to think of new ways to give back to the environment but since it's Earth Week, we've been thinking even harder on all the ways we can go green. We got some great tips from our eco-savvy fans on Facebook and Twitter, which got us thinking about how we could take our eco-consciousness to the next level. And what better way to green your lifestyle than with an eco-conscious house? In honour of Earth Week, we're rounding up our five fave green home designs:

1. Margarido House, Northern California

This home in Oakland, California, built by McDonald Construction, was the first to receive both the LEED stamp of approval and the coveted GreenPoint rating. It's also totally dreamy.

2. The GO Home, Belfast, Maine

The architecture on this home, designed by GO Logic, may be classic but its structure is about as modern as it gets. As Maine's first Passive Home, this super-house self-generates all the energy needed for heat, hot water and electricity.

3. Power Haus, Sarasota, Florida

This eco-chic dream house, built by Josh Wynne construction, is way more than just a pretty face. This baby received a minus 22 HERS index, the lowest ever recorded by Energy Star and the DOE Builder’s Challenge.

4. The Caterpillar House, Carmel, California

Low and long like its namesake, the Caterpillar House was the first LEED Platinum Custom Home of the Central Coast. Located on the Santa Lucia Preserve, we love how it mimics the rolling curves of its surrounding landscape.

5.  Taliesin Mod.Fab Modular Home, Scottsdale, Arizona

This ultra-modern home pays homage to architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright, while placing a heavy focus on sustainability. Its structural insulated panels make regulating temperatures a breeze. 

Which home is your fave?

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