Wednesday, October 17, 2012

INSPIRE: 5 Daydream-Worthy Travel Destinations

Oh, how time flies! It feels like summer was just yesterday, but the chill is in the air and winter fast approaching. Every year around this time, we start to daydream about beachy, beautiful locations around the world, especially with winter vacation just around the corner! Today on the BT blog, we're counting down the top 5 destinations we've been dreaming of lately:

1. Sri Lanka

Exotic, scenic and full of culture, Sri Lanka's idyllic beaches would make for the perfect vacation.

 2. Indonesia

From volcanoes to ancient temples, Bali to Java, this country is packed with adventure.

3. Costa Rica

If surf, sand and sun is your thing, Costa Rica can't be beaten!

4.  The Philippines 

 Some of the most beautiful beaches the world over can be found in the Philippines, and they're anything but boring!

5. The Balearic Islands

 These Mediterranean islands have it all, from stunning turquoise waters to awe-inspiring historical sites. What's not to love?

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